• My call sign is Sheriff.

    I am the founder and owner of the SHERIFF Tactical Gear brand. Before going into business, I served in the ranks of the ZSU for over 20 years, went from an ordinary soldier to a senior officer.

  • In 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea and attacked Ukraine, I gathered a team of like-minded people and since then I have been doing volunteer work, helping the Ukrainian army in every possible way.

    At the beginning of the summer of 2022, we had an idea to make unique coins from the wreckage of downed enemy aircraft.

    My friends, who are now serving in the Army, helped me to get parts of the downed Mi-28N and Su-34.
    We made collectible coins from them.

  • We use all the money from the sale of which to purchase copters and other necessary equipment that is used by SOF Ukraine.
    Each of your purchases brings Victory over the treacherous enemy closer.

    Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦


Fundraising for our Special Forces!

Together with a combat officer, call sign "Sheriff" and a group of volunteers, we are preparing to purchase and deliver 200 FPV drones and base stations to our Special Forces! Special Forces soldiers carry out combat missions in the most challenging areas of the front line. To effectively combat the enemy, they urgently need FPV drones. We are launching a fundraising campaign for 200 FPV drones and base stations for our soldiers. Fundraising goal: 129 730 USD.

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Cups for the True Patriots

Invictus Games 2023 

Cups were made for the True Patriots who returned victorious from the Invictus Games

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Ministry of Veterans

On the fields of Invictus Game 2023

We helped our friends from the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine

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Enemy scrap metal helped raise funds

"To strengthen aerial reconnaissance in the Zaporozhye region, the organizers of the "For Ukrainian Soldiers" social project handed over a quad bike to one of the territorial defense brigades."

"In almost a year, it was possible to supply the military with ten units of unmanned aerial vehicles, Starlinks, generators, sights and other property."

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Insider UA

Targeted fundraising

We donated a unique coin with the signature of the General ZSU Valery Fedorovych Zaluzhnyi for a special fundraising for quadcopters initiated by the well-known news and information portal "Insider UA".

The goal of the fundraising is UAH 1,732,000.
The fundraising was completed in an hour and a half.
The coin was awarded to the person who made the largest donation - UAH 850,000 ($22,600)

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Charity auction

We donated coins to a charity auction as part of the WEB SUMMIT event from "Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem" all collected funds will go to help Ukraine.

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Sonya Sotnyk


Charity auction

We donated coins to the charity auction as part of the event "ON THE HAT" of the famous radio host and singer Sonya Sotnyk.

  • Olexander Polozhinsky
  • Sonya Sotnyk

General Zaluzhny autograph