Fundraising for our Special Forces! 🔥

Together with a combat officer, call sign "Sheriff" and a group of volunteers, we are preparing to purchase and deliver 200 FPV drones and base stations to our Special Forces! Special Forces soldiers carry out combat missions in the most challenging areas of the front line. To effectively combat the enemy, they urgently need FPV drones. We are launching a fundraising campaign for 200 FPV drones and base stations for our soldiers.

Fundraising goal: 129 730 USD.

🇺🇦 We invite legal entities and individuals to cooperate 🇺🇦

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  • ETH 0xf6e828826918340F23C854996fE27972A9f12F5b
  • USDT TRC20TJzyfucs3MHduV56MVXKFGi5BzUZT2eqtD

If you have any questions, please contact us in person or via the website.

Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦

You can find the reports of previous projects on the website https://forukrainiansoldiers.com.ua/blogs/news