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Tank Т-90M(Танк Т-90М)

Tank Т-90M(Танк Т-90М)

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This unique keychain is made from a remnant from Tank Т-90M(Танк Т-90М). 
Each keychain has a slightly different shape and size as the pieces are not identical.
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Card number USD 5168745605603007
Card number UAH 4441114451683203

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BTC bc1q4ky0mx25es5x8ecxdl77zgxpq4d6p342jpkwy5
ETH 0xf6e828826918340F23C854996fE27972A9f12F5b
USDT 0xf6e828826918340F23C854996fE27972A9f12F5b

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